MTS Echo
MTS Echo Hub Provides Local Network Solution for Lab Monitoring

Fully Local MTS Echo® Solution Now Available

With important tests, tight deadlines, valuable test equipment and sometimes irreplaceable specimens, it is critical to know what is happening in the lab at all times. In 2012, MTS created the powerful lab monitoring solution, MTS Echo Intelligent Lab, and lab managers and personnel suddenly had anytime, anywhere access to test status and equipment health information. Today, we are introducing a local configuration of MTS Echo that can be run within your corporate network. With the new solution, you can:
  • Easily view information and receive alerts from within your corporate network
  • Monitor controllers without putting the controller PC on the network
  • Access lab monitoring information without an internet connection
  • Optionally limit access to lab information to a dedicated lab network
  • Check your lab status from anywhere leveraging your corporate VPN solution
The key component of the local solution is the new MTS Echo Hub. Available in three versions, the MTS Echo Hub allows you to remotely monitor test status and/or system health through interfaces with the system controller and sensors. This local solution helps maintain high uptime and gives you the security of knowing that all the monitoring information resides within your network. With MTS Echo Hub you can:
  • Define alerts for any signal or sensor connected to the hub
  • Receive alerts through email, text message, desktop notification or, on some models, and optional hardwired alarm
  • Monitor everything connected to the hub from anywhere in your network
  • Monitor all your hubs through one app
  • Design custom views to see the signals you want to monitor
  • View sensor data history
Now you have a choice of how you would like to implement MTS Echo Intelligent Lab: you can choose the highly secure and scalable cloud-based solution that provides the greatest flexibility in accessing your information or you can choose the local network solution that allows you to monitor test status and equipment health from within your corporate network.

Either way, contact MTS today to find out how you can improve lab productivity and efficiency with MTS Echo Intelligent Lab.



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