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Defining the Next Generation of Spinal Bone Cements
MTS Bionix® Servohydraulic Test Systems
Introducing MTS TestSuite™ TW Software
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“Our ultimate research objective is to identify new types of cement that offer the strength of PMMA and the non-toxicity of calcium phosphate, but without the shortcomings of either.” 
– Cecilia Persson 
   Uppsala University 
Defining the Next Generation of Spinal Bone Cements
Bone cements play a crucial role in vertebral augmentation. During this minimally invasive surgical procedure, surgeons inject a bonding agent into spinal column fracture sites as a means of easing pain, improving spinal stability and, in some cases, restoring height.

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  V10 - BIO - Product Feature  
MTS Bionix® Servohydraulic Test Systems
The Bionix servohydraulic tabletop test systems are precisely configured to characterize dynamic properties of biomedical materials and components.

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Introducing MTS TestSuite™ TW Software
It’s the latest addition to the growing MTS TestSuite software platform. New MTS TestSuite TW software delivers the test definition, analysis and reporting capabilities required to address the evolving needs of advanced researchers.

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