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Tire-Coupled Road Simulation, Then and Now
Easily adapt to today's evolving material testing requirements
Quickly configure tests with TestLine™ modular components
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Learn how this essential vehicle testing technology has evolved to meet emerging market demands.
Tire-Coupled Road Simulation, Then and Now
First introduced in 1964 by MTS, the tire-coupled road simulation system immediately proved itself as a critical tool for the development of durable ground vehicles. As the vehicle market evolved, demanding fewer rattles and greater ride comfort, the road simulation systems were updated to meet these new testing requirements.

Where this technology will go next depends on the current market need. Factors such as the controls expertise MTS exhibits in new applications or the ease with which customers will be able to set up and run MTS test equipment, will determine the course of the technology progression. Sterling Anderson, MTS product manager, discusses the past, present, and likely future of tire-coupled road simulation technology.

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Easily adapt to today's evolving material testing requirements
Best-in-class MTS TestWorks® software delivers the functionality, flexibility and ease-of-use you need to keep pace with ever-changing material testing standards and requirements.  We offer two simple means of helping you leverage the power of this industry leading software for your test lab.

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Quickly configure tests with TestLine™ modular components
Designed for demanding, fatigue-rated applications, MTS TestLine™ modular bell cranks, universal struts, levers and reaction stands enable fast, simple configuration of custom mechanical tests.

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