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Easily adapt to today's evolving material testing requirements

Successful material testing today requires an ability to readily adapt to ever-changing standards and requirements. MTS TestWorks® is specifically designed to help you thrive in such an evolving environment.

This best-in-class software delivers the functionality, flexibility and ease-of-use you need to meet your current and future static testing needs. User-friendly menus and controls make test definition, execution, and report generation easy, even for novice operators. The software also provides utmost flexibility to create, customize and share test methods, helping you successfully meet industry-standard testing requirements while performing unique and advanced tests.

Two options for bringing the power of TestWorks Software to your test lab. 

By choosing from either of the following affordable paths, you can easily and cost-effectively add the many advantages of TestWorks software to your material test lab.

Option 1: MTS ReNew Upgrade.

Enhance your existing Instron, Zwick or other static test systems by upgrading to MTS control technology and TestWorks software.

With our ReNew upgrade, we’ll replace your frame’s outdated electronics with state-of-the-art MTS digital controls, and provide you with a PC running TestWorks software. In addition to the benefits of TestWorks, a ReNew upgrade equips you with many of the latest static testing innovations, including:

TEDS self-identification capabilities (IEEE 1451.4 standard compliance)
Ergonomic handset
Conversion of Series IX data files to the TestWorks format
Text-based output template generation, for compatibility with almost any
    laboratory information management system (LIMS)

Option 2: MTS Insight™ Static Test Systems.

The comprehensive MTS Insight family of EM test solutions empowers you to perform virtually any static test on a broad array of specimens. All MTS Insight systems pair leading-edge load frame technology with TestWorks software, providing an affordable and easy-to-use menu of platforms for testing a full range of specimens, including:

Low- to high-strength components
Structural materials
Composites, plastics and elastomers
Paper products

The MTS Insight family supports standard tests such as peel, tear, sheer, tensile, compression, and flex/bend, as well as more advanced tests including creep, stress relaxation, and multi-cycle. All MTS Insight systems feature reliable EM drive systems, state-of-the-art digital controls, and load cells equipped with IEEE 1451.4-compliant TEDS self-identification—an industry first.

The complete MTS Insight family includes:

1-2 kN, single-column tabletop models for low-force applications
5-50 kN, twin-column tabletop models for medium-force applications
100-300 kN, twin-column floor-standing models for high-force
Extended-length models for high-elongation test applications
High-speed models for efficient high-strain specimen testing
Wide-configuration 50 kN models for testing multiple specimens or wider

Learn more today about your options for getting best-in-class MTS TestWorks software working for your material test lab.


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