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Quickly configure tests with TestLine™ modular components

Looking for a fast, affordable means of configuring mechanical tests for your products?  MTS TestLine™ modular components are specifically engineered for this task. Simply mix and match them to meet your test setup needs.

TestLine modular components feature stiff, lightweight construction that makes them ideal for higher test frequencies and fatigue-rated applications. Multiple connecting points on levers and bell cranks allow for various mechanical ratios, providing you with flexibility to increase the force or displacement of your actuators.

MTS TestLine modular components include:

Bell cranks. Equipped with swivel rod ends, our modular bell cranks effectively isolate an actuator from moments and side loads. They also divert horizontal forces onto a bed plate or the floor.

Universal struts. These components effectively transfer loads in the axial direction of the strut. Universal ends let you perform biaxial loads or motions, by connecting other actuators or struts perpendicular to the strut axis.

Levers. Featuring an assembly with integrated pillow block bearings and swivel rod ends, TestLine modular levers make it simple to assign mechanical advantage to either force or displacement, along with isolating actuators from moments and side loads.

Reaction stands. These innovative modular components support bell cranks and other parts of your assembly, adding utmost flexibility to your test setups.


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