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Easily meet your evolving material test needs with TestWorks 4.10 software

Material test standards and requirements never stand still. Nor should the capabilities of your material testing software. That’s why we continually refine MTS TestWorks® software to help you thrive in such an evolving environment.

Our new version 4.10 of this best-in-class platform delivers even more of the functionality, adaptability and ease-of-use required to meet your current and future static testing needs.

A wealth of new features
If you currently use TestWorks 4 software, version 4.10 offers powerful new functionality that will greatly enhance your lab efficiency, including:

An intuitive new launch screen designed similar to a Web home page
Additional graphs on the Review screen for more efficient data manipulation
More meter types to extend your test lab’s capabilities
A Text-Based Output Generator that lets you export test results to third-
   party analysis tools
A User-Defined Dialog Box Test Segment that minimizes setup errors
Support for Russian and Czech languages
Support for NI M series data-acquisition boards

Powerful test definition
TestWorks 4.10 software provides utmost flexibility to create, customize and share test methods, helping you successfully meet industry-standard testing requirements while performing unique and advanced tests. MTS consultants can also develop test methods and report and export templates for you, guaranteed to perform to your specifications.

Three packages to meet your needs
TestWorks 4.10 software is available in the following packages to meet your current testing requirements, while also providing a simple, affordable migration path as your needs change.

TestWorks Essentials. This package runs preset testing methods for peel, tear, sheer, tensile, compression, creep, stress, cyclic and strain properties, at both low- and high-force capacities.

TestWorks Advanced. Offers all the capabilities of TestWorks Essentials, along with the ability to introduce non-motion control test segments and calculations.

TestWorks Creator. Designed for the advanced user, this package offers all the capabilities of the Essentials and Advanced packages, plus the ability to create and modify test methods by adding and sequencing motion or control segments.

Complex testing made simple
User-friendly menus and controls make test definition, execution, and report generation amazingly simple, even for first-time operators. Tests can be completed in three easy steps:

1. Select the standard or custom test you want to run.
2. Run the test, using the Virtual Control Panel for real-time monitoring.
3. Report using custom formulas and templates. Results can be exported to
    Excel, Word, HTML, PowerPoint and other applications.

Find out more
Contact us today to learn more about how MTS TestWorks 4.10 software will benefit your material test lab. Be sure to ask about the two simple and affordable means of adding this software to your operations.


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