V6- GV - Product Story

V6- GV - Product Story

Enhance your laboratory simulation and analysis with RPC Pro software version 4.4

We listened to vehicle test engineers like yourself, and responded by incorporating the enhancements you requested most into our industry-leading simulation and analysis software.

MTS RPC® Pro software version 4.4 is designed improve the speed and accuracy of your test lab by optimizing the control of complex test configurations, simplifying the iteration process, and minimizing the time required to run tests to completion. With a simple and cost- effective upgrade, you can enhance your existing MTS hardware by getting more capabilities from the software you currently use.

RPC Pro software version 4.4 offers a wealth of features designed to improve your testing capabilities and enhance the user experience, including:

Dual Turbo adaptive compensation allows you to update your system model with drive and response content at the same time, resulting in fewer required test iterations and unprecedented accuracy in converging test data.

Random time history generation — improves test efficiency by easily generating random, non-repeating time histories as needed, with signals that can be created for vibration testing applications.

Shape tool enhancements — provides tighter integration with Microsoft Excel, giving you greater control over the Random Time History Generation tool, along with the definition of other filters for a variety of uses within the RPC Pro application.

Faster reporting and loading of large projects — reports will generate faster and as a result, tests will run more quickly. Large projects can also be loaded much faster, reducing time spent waiting for the software to launch.

Frame base trend monitoring — by comparing trend monitoring limits during each frame, you will receive nearly immediate notification when minimum and maximum trend limits have been exceeded.

Simulate gains multiplierConveniently increase or reduce all simulation gains using a single control.

MTS RPC Pro software version 4.4 represents a simple, affordable means of optimizing your simulation and analysis capabilities. Take the first step toward greater lab efficiency by contacting MTS today.


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