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New family of test systems adds speed and simplicity to ball joint testing

Designed specifically to meet the needs of ball joint component suppliers, MTS Three-, Four-, and Five-Axis Ball Joint Test Systems add speed, accuracy and simplicity to all types of ball joint testing. All three systems perform full SAE J-193 multi-axial test functionality.

MTS Three-Axis Ball Joint Test System
This unique and compact test system applies a combination of force and dual-axis rocking motion to specimens, precisely simulating the unusual multi-axial motions required for inner ball joint durability testing. An optional environmental chamber can also be integrated to meet the needs of ball joint component suppliers.

MTS Four-Axis Ball Joint Test System
MTS designed this test system to offer accurate and reliable durability testing at a value price. The four-axis ball joint test system applies both vertical and lateral loads as well as rock and rotation motions. Versatile fixturing allows testing of both stud-up and stud-down specimens. Optional high-frequency and environmental chamber capabilities will help make this the test system the choice of component suppliers and OEMs worldwide.

MTS Five-Axis Ball Joint Test System
This versatile test system can simulate almost any ball joint loading environment imaginable. Featuring two specimen stations, our five-axis system applies independent linear loads for maximum test flexibility. Combined with high-frequency and environmental chamber capabilities, this system provides the logical choice for accurately testing multiple specimens within a short period of time.

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