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Growing Along with the Chinese Market

MTS Senior Business Development Manager Wei Cao talks about the expanded operations of MTS in China, and how this expansion will benefit customers in the automotive industry.

Q: Why did MTS choose to expand its permanent presence in China?

Increased R&D activities in China have created substantial applications for MTS products and services in this part of the world, including the emerging automotive industry there. As this industry grows, automotive testing will become increasingly critical.

So in order to better serve fast-growing mid-level market needs, MTS has expanded the organization in China to increase value-added local offerings. Our operations have grown from three representative sales offices to a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) based in Shanghai, with dozens of permanent staff members and that number is growing.

MTS China is well positioned to differentiate itself as a true ‘testing partner’ for Chinese customers in the automotive industry. This stems from our unique capacity to help customers specify the right solutions, learn the latest techniques, optimize productivity and extend equipment functional life. We can provide a worry-free ownership experience.

Such claims derive from our more than 40 years of experience in the automotive testing world. We intimately understand the needs of these customers, and have the tools, technology and domain expertise to help them do business as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Q: What is unique about MTS customers in this part of the world? How did this uniqueness impact your decision to expand your China presence? 

Since the Chinese market is still in its developmental stages, affordability plays a major role in these customers’ purchasing decisions. Many customers also have limited experience with specifying the proper test equipment for their particular application, which creates high demand for test consulting services.

By offering reliable, cost-effective technology and an expert team of professional consultants, MTS is ideally suited to benefit customers in this part of the world.

To assist customers in this regard, we’ve built systems integration capabilities into our new Shanghai facility. This includes a local TestStand workshop that allows custom solutions to be designed for component and subassembly testing applications, while keeping costs down and meeting short delivery schedules. A full spare-parts warehouse also helps to ensure fast responses to urgent repair needs.

In addition, we’ve dedicated resources for customer training. This will ensure that customers new to testing will get started on a solid platform for growth.

Q: How will your Asian customers benefit from your expanded China presence? How will it impact MTS customers worldwide? 

In the future, China can serve as a base for customers in countries throughout Southeast Asia. For example, shipping spare parts from China to these locations is much faster than doing so from the U.S. It also costs much less.

Many MTS customers based in the U.S. and other developed countries are investing heavily in China. MTS China will give these customers peace of mind that the resources are locally available to support the testing initiatives of their Chinese operations.

MTS is 100-percent dedicated to the test business. By choosing to work with MTS, all these customers will benefit from uncompromised support throughout the product lifecycle, while remaining certain they stay current with every testing advance that arises along the way.


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