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Cost-effectively bring your heavy-truck physical testing into the test lab

Historically, heavy truck manufacturers and suppliers have had a difficult choice to make with their durability testing: either save money with time-intensive proving ground or road testing, or save time through fast but expensive physical testing in a laboratory.

On top of these challenges, the heavy truck industry itself is also changing. New regulations mandate decreased stopping distances and greater vehicle stability. Emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Asia also have unique requirements, creating additional design considerations.

MTS offers a completefamily of heavy-truck physical test solutions that can help you avoid testing compromises and embrace industry changes at the same time. These solutions make it a cost-effective option to move a majority of your heavy truck testing into the controlled, repeatable test lab environment.

The MTS family of heavy-truck-rated test solutions includes:
  • MASTs
  • Cab shakers
  • Driveline test solutions
  • Tire-coupled road simulators
  • SWIFT sensors
  • Tire testing systems
  • Damper, elastomer and air spring testing equipment
We also recently introduced the MTS 329 Heavy Truck (HT) Spindle-Coupled Road Simulator, capable of reproducing the same durability events in the test lab that are measured on the proving ground. The 329 HT road simulator is ideal for testing tractors, trailers, frames, suspensions, and suspension components and materials. It is also used for validating compliance with new regulations mandating shorter braking distances.

By partnering with MTS for all your heavy-truck testing technology and support, you are no longer forced to choose only two items from the list of ‘good,’ ‘fast’ and ‘affordable.’ You can have all three.


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