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Optimize test system performance with hydraulic fluid monitoring and maintenance

Much like regular oil changes keep a car at peak performance and extend engine longevity, regular hydraulic fluid maintenance will help optimize the performance and life of your high-performance servohydraulic test systems.

While less sophisticated test systems may function sufficiently with unclean hydraulic fluid, high-performance equipment will “silt up,” ultimately exhibiting erratic performance when subjected to particulate levels that are greater than an ISO 4406 rating of 16/13/9.

Servovalves must operate smoothly and predictably to deliver the tightly regulated pressures and fluid flow for which they are designed. For example, MTS test systems rely on close-tolerance servovalves that undergo millions of cycles per test. These high-duty cycles punish hydraulic fluids, often literally slicing the base oil and additive molecules apart during operation. Such fluid contamination can inflict irreparable damage on hydraulic pumps, actuators and servovalves.

The MTS Fluid Care Program is designed to protect your investment, by making fluid monitoring and maintenance a convenient addition to your preventive and predictive maintenance routine. Here’s how the program works:

1.  First, contact MTS to order a hydraulic fluid analysis kit (MTS part number 100-030-731).
2.  Each fluid analysis kit includes a pamphlet detailing the necessary sampling technique to ensure you draw a representative sample. We recommend using an in-line sampling kit (such as MTS part number 555-896-01) to draw a proper sample.
3.  Fill out the sample label provided and attach it to the sample bottle. Mail your drawn hydraulic fluid sample in the pre-labeled, black plastic shipping container provided.
4.  We’ll send you an in-depth report on the fluid’s condition, based on comprehensive analysis and trending. You will be promptly notified if the sample is outside acceptable levels. Our consultants can provide recommendations for getting your hydraulic fluid back in peak condition.
5.  We will help you create a schedule for sending us samples on an ongoing basis. We’ll even alert you when it is time to send the sample, if you wish.

Additionally, you can enhance and modify the Fluid Care Program as your requirements change over time. For example, we can help you create a schedule for drawing samples on an ongoing basis. We’ll even alert you when it is time to draw the sample. If you prefer, you can enlist MTS to draw and monitor the system fluids for you by making a simple add-on to your service support agreement. We will provide analysis and recommended follow-up information for your use. Multiple report trending is a natural attribute of an enhanced program and key to successful precision hydraulic management.

Most of us would not drive a car with contaminated motor oil. Precision servohydraulic test systems arguably carry even greater urgency for maintaining fluid integrity. Contact MTS to learn more and enroll in the MTS Fluid Care Program today.


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