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Innovations Lead to Improved Small-Vehicle Simulation
The latest generation of modular digital controllers
Customize the world’s most accurate road simulator to meet your needs
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New MTS technology provides control of critical rider loads and chassis motion to provide for more accurate small-vehicle structural testing.
Innovations Lead to Improved Small-Vehicle Simulation
Historically, representing the physical influences of the rider during motorcycle and ATV structural testing has been limited to “passive” systems that mass-load the chassis, but cannot replicate the dynamic forces introduced by the rider at the handlebars, seat and foot-pegs. This influence gets magnified in harsh off-road riding environments, as riders must continuously couple and decouple their masses to control the movement of their vehicles.

Dave Fricke, senior staff engineer at MTS, discusses new active chassis control technology for small vehicle simulation, which is capable of reproducing highly accurate dynamic chassis loads caused by the rider, while simultaneously positioning the chassis for a full range of riding conditions, including taking jumps.

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The latest generation of modular digital controllers
The new MTS FlexTest® controller family sets a bold new standard for control system versatility and scalability. All modular digital controllers in the family share a common set of hardware boards and user interface tools, allowing you to cut costs and increase productivity by standardizing your hardware on an expandable platform that will meet both your current and future needs.

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Customize the world’s most accurate road simulator to meet your needs
The MTS 329 multiaxial spindle-coupled road simulator is the world’s most widely deployed road simulation system. It provides unmatched accuracy and advanced capabilities. It is also customizable to meet the specific needs of your test program.

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