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MTS introduces new application-specific MTS Landmark test systems

We recently added two new application-specific models to the MTS Landmark family of servohydraulic test systems: one for damper testing and one for elastomer testing.

These systems allow test labs to upgrade to the next generation of servohydraulic load frames, with a preconfigured system that requires minimal modifications or accessories once the system arrives on site. Both systems also integrate all the standard-setting capabilities that define the MTS Landmark platform, including:

Cutting-edge MTS servohydraulic technology. Newly designed load frames feature extremely stiff and lightweight crossheads with high natural frequencies, along with precision-mounted columns for consistently tight alignment. Fatigue-rated MTS actuators employ best-in-class MTS load cells, supported by trouble-free SilentFlo™ hydraulic power units and a smooth-ramping hydraulic service manifold with five-port servovalves.

State-of-the-art control and software compatibility. You can use the new MTS Landmark test systems with versatile FlexTest® SE, FT40, and FT60 digital control systems, which provide utmost scalability and ease-of-use. Both systems also accommodate an array of powerful MTS software packages to help you automate almost any standard or custom test procedure.

Innovative cylinder-centric design. This unique configuration delivers superior stiffness, alignment, and ease-of-maintenance, resulting in more efficient operation and minimal downtime over the life of the test system. An integrated actuator beam features fatigue-rated MTS actuators built directly into the crossbeam, minimizing the number of required joints and yielding a frame that exhibits high stiffness and superior reliability. Piloted end caps and direct actuator porting help to ensure consistent alignment, and direct mounting and porting of servovalves on the integrated actuator beam minimizes pressure loss for more efficient delivery of hydraulic power.

Leading-edge ergonomics. All MTS Landmark test systems feature a design emphasis on user-friendliness and user comfort, enabling operators to safely and reliably perform more tests with fewer damaged or misaligned specimens. Intuitive, centralized controls—including easy-to-turn handles—eliminate awkward bending and reaching, and standard safety features exceed the guidelines set forth by CE and other organizations.

By adding the MTS Landmark damper or elastomer test system to your test lab, you can put cutting-edge servohydraulic load frame technology to work for you, with a model that arrives configured for your particular application. Combined with state-of-the-art MTS FlexTest controllers and application software and accessories, the MTS Landmark system will take its place as the world’s premier servohydraulic testing platform for decades to come.


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