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Improve lab efficiency with RPC Pro software version 4.5

The industry’s best simulation and analysis software just got better. MTS RPC® Pro software version 4.5 includes several significant productivity and usability enhancements that will allow you to prepare and run tests more efficiently than ever before. With a simple and cost-efficient upgrade, you can enhance your existing MTS hardware by getting more capabilities from the software you currently use.

New productivity enhancements include:

Dynamic region identification. Allows the software to automatically identify challenging areas of the desired data for more efficient handling of high peak events.

Custom analyses in Simulation mode. Provides advanced users with a method to more effectively customize their simulation process.

File-based limit setting.Simplifies the step of defining response and drive limits.

MAST degree-of-freedom transformation tool. Provides a way of easily converting motion data from one point on a MAST table test article to another.

New usability enhancements include:

License checkout tool. Provides laptop users the ability to check out a license of RPC to take with them on the road.
Improved plotters. Provide several enhancements to the RPC time history plotter to make them easier to use and more effective.
Proving ground schedule builder. Provides a tool for defining a new proving ground schedule or evaluating an existing one.
Non-Gaussian random drives. Allows users to generate random data that is non-Gaussian by specifying a desired Kurtosis value.
Support for Windows® Vista and Office 2007. Allows users to leverage the latest productivity tools from Microsoft.

The new release also carries forward all the capabilities that make RPC Pro the best software in its class, including patented Turbo RPC adaptive inverse modeling, Effective Road Profile Control (ERPC), visual iteration control, and a long list of other standard-setting features.

MTS RPC Pro software version 4.5 represents a simple, affordable means of increasing your simulation and analysis efficiency. Take the first step by contacting MTS today.


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