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Meet new suspension test requirements with the Model 329 6DOF Medium Steer Road Simulator

Recent changes to steering system designs have caused suspension components to become more susceptible to fatigue, requiring test professionals to subject these suspension systems to additional maneuver events on the test track and in the lab.

MTS has successfully replaced the expense and non-repeatability of the test track with a highly accurate, repeatable and cost-effective solution for testing new suspension systems in the test lab: The MTS Model 329 6DOF Medium Steer Road Simulator.

This technology was previously available only as a custom MTS solution. Now, MTS has optimized the industry-standard Model 329 6DOF road simulator to focus on suspensions with steer maneuver test requirements. This new, commercially available product provides a more efficient and easily justifiable solution for any organization that evaluates the fatigue life of suspension systems and components used in passenger cars and light trucks.

The MTS Model 329 6DOF medium steer road simulator provides performance and functionality similar to traditional MTS Model 329 6DOF spindle-coupled road simulators, which have become the industry standard for vehicle test professionals around the world. The new simulator integrates steer capabilities to this proven technology, effectively reproducing the more demanding maneuver events necessary for adequately testing new suspension designs.

Key features of the MTS Model 329 medium steer road simulator include:

A 50° steer angle, which allows you to test steer components in addition to
   suspension systems. For example, the larger range of motion provides
   improved ball joint testing.
Compact design. The MTS Model 329 medium steer road simulator has the
   same space requirements as the historic MTS Model 329 4DOF road
   simulators, providing a capability upgrade path while conserving valuable lab
An innovative seal design with scavenge pumps, which helps minimize the
   risk of oil leaks.
High stiffness in each channel, producing a high natural frequency for
   superior simulation accuracy.
Easy specimen installation and access helps to improve operator efficiency.
Low-maintenance design maximizes uptime and lab productivity.
Designed to accept MTS SWIFT® wheel force transducers for easy data
   acquisition and remote parameter control
Simple matrix control using the MTS FlexTest® 200 control system,
   simplifying operation and offering flexibility for future testing requirements.

If you test passenger car and light truck suspension systems and supporting components, this is the solution you need for adding speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency to your testing. Contact us today to learn more about the MTS Model 329 6DOF medium steer road simulator.


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