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MTS rebuild and exchange programs

MTS rebuild and exchange programs help maximize MTS Series 329 System productivity and minimize your long-term cost of ownership

The degree-of-freedom (DOF) corners and related mechanical components of your MTS Series 329 Road Simulator take a beating over time. Load-bearing fixtures accumulate excessive fatigue stress, and the moving parts of other components eventually fall outside required equipment tolerances. Test data integrity will also begin to diminish.

MTS Series 329 Rebuild and Exchange Programs offer a convenient and cost-effective means of achieving maximum system reliability and performance, over the longest possible functional life. These solutions are critical in today’s difficult economic times, where vehicle test labs are pressed to do more with their existing hardware instead of making new capital investments.

When you choose to rebuild or exchange, MTS engineers will evaluate all parts of the system, including actuators, bearings, bushings, cables, fixtures, hoses, pins, servovalves, and struts. We will also update components to the specifications of the most current MTS Series 329 road simulators. Your rebuilt or exchanged system will pass all OEM specifications, and will receive full warranty coverage.

With the MTS Series 329 Rebuild Program, your corners will be restored to like-new condition. You’ll ship your corners to our factory, where they will be rebuilt to new system specifications. The MTS Series 329 Exchange Program includes the same services as the rebuild program, but we’ll also deliver rebuilt corners to you in exchange for your corners that are being serviced. This exchange will help keep your MTS Series 329 System fully operational while your corners are rebuilt.

Benefits of MTS Series 329 Rebuild and Exchange Programs
Achieve peak test system performance for the longest functional life.
Reduce downtime and unplanned repairs.
Minimize long-term cost of ownership.
Stay current with the latest MTS Series 329 System performance
Confine your maintenance to a single, planned service period.
Increase efficiency by achieving consistent performance across multiple
   MTS Series 329 Systems.

You should consider a rebuild or exchange if:
Your system is more than five years old.
You’ve experienced significant testing delays due to maintenance
Your system still uses Lord bushings (as opposed to higher-performing
   Clevite bushings).
You’re planning time-critical testing in the near future.
You haven’t kept up with recommended system routine maintenance in the

If you test with one or more MTS Series 329 Road Simulators, these programs are an absolute must for getting the utmost performance and cost performance for the life of this system. Learn more today.


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