Improve cost-efficiency with proactive test system maintenance

Just like your car, your MTS test system requires regular maintenance to keep it performing as reliably and productively as possible. That’s why we offer MTS Routine Maintenance (RM).

These proactively scheduled maintenance services make it simple and affordable to keep your test system operating at peak efficiency. We’ll tap into our extensive array of tools, training and reporting expertise to see issues that you might not – at an early stage, before they become expensive.

MTS RM offers cost and time-saving benefits for your test lab. Rather than reacting to unexpected downtime with expensive emergency repairs, you can plan and budget for your maintenance in advance. You can also free your lab team to spend more time on testing, and less time trying to maintain equipment.

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Comprehensive and customized
MTS will develop a maintenance plan intervals for your test lab, based on your system’s age, maintenance history and usage patterns. Next, we’ll schedule the plan for inspection and cleaning and/or replacement of filters and other maintenance parts as recommended. Your MTS RM plan can also be combined with other services in the Assured Maintenance Plan (AMP) offering, such as:

Hydraulic fluid care. MTS fluid care programs provide a cost-effective means of monitoring the cleanliness of your test system’s hydraulic fluid, which will help to prevent more serious and costly mechanical issues from arising in the future.

Professional calibration and alignment.
These service offerings are designed to uphold the precision of your instrumentation and the integrity of your test data. MTS calibration services are accredited by all major metrology accreditation agencies around the world.

In addition, every MTS RM plan features a comprehensive Report, completed by an MTS maintenance expert at the time of service. This informative report will help you be aware of your equipment condition at the present time and provide recommendations, if necessary, to address potential issues at an early stage, before they become expensive.

MTS RM plans include standardized repeat-sequence maintenance plans for MTS electromechanical and servohydraulic load frames, MTS hydraulic power units (HPUs), and MTS controllers. With these repeat-sequence plans, pre-established maintenance procedures are conducted at specified hour-usage intervals. This process continues throughout each product’s functional life with the goal of extending equipment usage life.

Learn more today
At a time that requires us all to do more with less, MTS RM offers the perfect solution. It will help you maximize the productivity, reliability and longevity of your MTS test equipment. Find out more about this cost-effective approach to maintenance today.


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