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New wheel force transducer enables fast, precise spindle load data acquisition for medium-duty trucks

We’re pleased to introduce the addition of the MTS SWIFT® 45 Wheel Force Transducer to our SWIFT family of spinning wheel integrated force transducers. The durable SWIFT 45 sensor is specifically designed for acquiring road load data during the testing of medium-duty commercial vehicles, including:
  • Large pickups
  • Delivery and panel vans
  • Dump trucks and other medium-duty construction vehicles
Constructed of heavy-duty, aircraft-quality titanium, the SWIFT 45 sensor provides the most accurate and reliable measurement of road load data currently possible. A patented octotube design provides the ideal combination of low weight, high strength, high stiffness and unparalleled accuracy, making the SWIFT 45 ideal for both the proving ground and the test lab. The SWIFT 45 is designed with eight load-carrying members, greatly reducing modulation and providing less stiffness variation as the sensor rotates.

The SWIFT 45 sensor also offers significant time-saving advantages. It requires no specialized instrumentation or calibration of suspension parts when collecting road load data from a vehicle test. You’ll acquire complete spindle load data within hours of preparation — as opposed to the weeks of preparation that is typically required when using traditional instrumentation.

Learn more today about how the MTS SWIFT 45 can benefit your medium-duty vehicle testing.


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