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Further increase productivity with new MTS TestSuite™ Software release

Conduct better testing faster and for less money with MTS TestSuite Software version 1.5. This release adds new capabilities to the modular software’s Multipurpose Testing package, and marks the introduction of six separate modules for fracture testing.

MTS TestSuite software delivers the advanced capabilities for which MTS is renowned, only from an easy-to-use and highly adaptable platform designed to meet your needs over the long term.

In addition to the multipurpose software and fracture modules, the MTS TestSuite platform currently includes stand-alone Operator and Reporter packages. You can also purchase optional modules for low-cycle, high-cycle and advanced low-cycle fatigue testing and analysis.

All MTS TestSuite software tests to the current ASTM release level, including the new crack-tip opening displacement (CTOD) ASTM E 1290 standard.

MTS TestSuite Multipurpose Software enhancements include:
  • Virtual Specimen feature. Receive a simulated preview of how your test article will perform without physically testing — or potentially damaging — the actual specimen.
  • Point-by-point monitoring. Immediately respond to test data by performing calculations and making decisions on every data point, rather than once per cycle.
  • Multichannel capability. Efficiently define multiple channels in a single activity, including phase lag definition between the channels.
  • Built-in programming language. Open-source code allows for flexible implementation of custom code and calculations, including the ability to use programming logic.
The MTS TestSuite Fracture Testing offerings include:

  • Fatigue Crack Growth Modules. Get the test and report templates and calculations you need to assess fatigue crack growth.
  • Fracture Toughness Modules. Find all the test and report templates, activities and calculations required to design and run fracture toughness tests.
  • Fracture Analyzer. Achieve new insight through custom, in-depth analyses of test data files. Also build an extensive analysis library over time.

MTS TestSuite software is your must-have tool for attaining peak productivity now and well into the future. Upgrade today.


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