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Force & Motion: Information to move your mechanical testing to new levels of certainty
Evolving in Scope and Scale
Build certainty into your dynamic testing with MTS Force Transducers
Easily and efficiently remove entrained air from hydraulic fluid
  V17 - GV - Lead Feature
MTS helps a leading Japanese component and material contract test lab add full-vehicle testing to its offering.
Evolving in Scope and Scale
Based in Hyogo, Japan, KOBELCO Research Institute, Inc., is one of Japan’s largest and most reputable contract test facilities. More than 1,000 employees serve clients in the fields of structural testing, material analysis and computer simulation.

KOBELCO Research Institute has developed a particularly strong reputation in the automotive industry. Vehicle technology has progressed significantly in recent years, which has prompted the development of rigorous new standards for vehicle safety and ride quality. More vehicles are also being developed with lightweight, new-generation hybrid materials to meet market demand for fuel efficiency. This is requiring new tests and technologies to be developed for evaluating relatively unknown materials.

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Build certainty into your dynamic testing with MTS Force Transducers
Gaining meaningful materials test data requires precise measurement and control of the loads and motions being applied to test specimens. For dynamic testing of materials under load, displacement or strain control, this critical measurement function is best performed by highly accurate MTS Force Transducers (load cells) for servohydraulic systems.

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Easily and efficiently remove entrained air from hydraulic fluid
If not promptly removed, entrained air in hydraulic fluid will create varnish-like nitrogen-oil compounds that contaminate the fluid. This contamination leads to accelerated fluid breakdown, poor equipment performance, system damage – and sometimes even an unhealthy work environment.

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