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Inside thet MTS SilentFlo Conditioning Unit

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Clean, compact and portable design

Easily and efficiently remove entrained air from hydraulic fluid

If not promptly removed, entrained air in hydraulic fluid will create varnish-like nitrogen-oil compounds that contaminate the fluid. This contamination leads to accelerated fluid breakdown, poor equipment performance, system damage – and sometimes even an unhealthy work environment.

The MTS SilentFlo™ Conditioning Unit provides the ideal solution for removing entrained air from the hydraulic fluid – far faster and more efficiently than the passive baffling tanks commonly used. Rather than waiting for the fluid to settle and the air to rise, the SilentFlo conditioning unit uses a semi-active component to hasten the air’s removal. Clear hoses lead to and from the unit, so you can easily monitor fluid quality, and a plug-and-play design allows for fully automated operation with minimal required user interaction.

This MTS conditioning unit is extremely compact and portable, so it can be positioned near the hydraulic pump. The small reservoir requires less fluid to be conditioned at one time, reducing fluid use. The unit also consumes less energy, since it does not require high-voltage, three-phase electrical power.

Key benefits include:
Improve productivity
Enhance installation flexibility and conserve floor space
Reduce fluid volumes and energy consumption
Comply with OSHA and CE

The SilentFlo conditioning unit provides an easy and efficient means of removing entrained air from your hydraulic fluid. Learn more today.


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