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A safer, more efficient means of installing and removing MTS road simulator test specimens

The new MTS Model 329 Manual Specimen Installation/Removal System allows you to more safely and efficiently install and remove specimens from your MTS Model 329 Road Simulator. These improvements are achieved through an innovative set of tools for moving the test system at the wheel housing in every direction, without requiring the use of hydraulic pressure.

Such capabilities provide enhanced safety and efficiency advantages when compared to today’s two most commonly employed approaches: either installing specimens with hydraulic pressure turned on, or using a come-along winch and straps. Your technicians will be equipped with the tools to move the MTS Model 329 system at the wheel housing in all directions, allowing them to quickly install and remove specimens from the test fixture.

An integrated storage rack for components further reduces potential danger by automatically removing and interlocking hydraulic pressure to the test fixture whenever a component is removed.

By specifying the MTS Model 329 Manual Specimen Installation/Removal System, you can:
Enhance operator safety
Increase test throughput
Add another layer of protection for your test specimens and test fixtures

Learn more today about how this new option for the MTS Model 329 Road Simulator can benefit your testing.


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