V20 - ALL - Material Story 1
MTS TestSuite Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) Module:  runtime view of thermal stability (batch level)

V20 - ALL - Material Story 2
Sample test plan in the MPE Test Editor

Introducing MTS TestSuite™ Multipurpose 2.0 Software

In an ongoing commitment to provide you with the most powerful and versatile material test software available, we recently introduced version 2.0 of MTS TestSuite Multipurpose Software.

The modular MTS TestSuite family gives you utmost flexibility to create, run, report and analyze test data in a way that matches your needs, now and well into the future. It puts all the power in your hands, allowing you to design tests just as you imagine them, and see and modify calculations to meet your specific requirements. It is also highly adaptable to keep you at peak productivity as your needs change and your projects grow.

In addition to new features such as high-speed data acquisition, peak-valley change detector and the ability to run external applications and send e-mail; the new version of MTS TestSuite Multipurpose Software supports an expanded assortment of modules and options:

A Tensile Testing Module, which includes the test template, report template and calculations required for displacement-controlled tensile testing. All templates and calculations comply with ASTM standards.

A Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) Testing Module that offers a predefined test template and calculations for testing to industry standards. You can run the template as-is, or easily modify it to pursue your own interpretation of a standard.

A wealth of add-on options for time history and sequence output, compensation algorithms, Degree of Freedom Control and Three Variable Control, and much more.

This software adapts to the needs of your working environment with separate applications for creating tests and for just opening existing templates and running the tests. The full-featured MTS TestSuite Multipurpose Elite Software allows you to design and run tests, while the MTS TestSuite Multipurpose Express Software lets operators focus on running tests.

With the introduction of version 2.0, you have even more compelling reasons to adopt MTS TestSuite Multipurpose Software. It is the only testing software you’ll need to attain peak productivity, now and well into the future. Learn more today.


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