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Energy-efficient large HPU

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New-Generation HPUs Feature Enhanced Safety, Ease-of-use and Energy-Efficiency

Even best-in-class products can be made better. That’s why we recently introduced the next generation of the industry-leading MTS SilentFlo™ family of hydraulic power units (HPUs). MTS second-generation (G2) SilentFlo HPUs carry forward all the unique strengths of the original MTS SilentFlo HPU design – compact footprint and clean, quiet, energy-efficient operation – and added several engineering details that will make these workhorses even more valuable to any test lab. Key enhancements include:

Safety-engineered. MTS G2 SilentFlo HPUs are designed to meet or exceed new machinery directives and EN standards, including EN 62061, EN 60204-1 and EN 13850, and are certified by TÜV Rheinland. These HPUs also integrate redundant safety relays and PED Cat-4 safety relief valves into the manifold with PLC I/O control.

Enhanced ease-of-use. All models in the MTS G2 SilentFlo HPU family feature multi-language human-machine interfaces (HMIs), including detailed operating instructions in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Networkable HMI monitoring is also available across the entire G2 platform from large to small, allowing authorized operators to monitor real-time pressure, temperature and fluid level from any workstation within a PC network. Select G2 models also feature ergonomically-friendly, sloped HMIs, making it easier to view the interface and operate the controls. To minimize operational issues, the MTS G2 SilentFlo HPUs contain no HVAC fuses, eliminating potential downtime spent on repairs and identifying the required replacement fuse type.

More energy efficient. The G2 units advance the industry-leading Run-On-Demand flow features of the first generation HPUs by providing communication pathways to test stations so that flow demands can be anticipated rather than simply reacted to. These new SilentFlo HPUs also set the foundation for flexible and highly scalable multiple-HPU control schema to further balance the loads and flow demands in the most energy-efficient manner.

MTS understands the need to extend equipment lifecycles, so the new MTS SilentFlo HPUs are compatible with the previous generation. We have also engineered solutions that allow you to upgrade your existing SilentFlo HPUs to add many of the new G2 capabilities. This compatibility simplifies integration and makes it possible to update your HPU technology incrementally, over time. Additionally, the new SilentFlo HPUs are equipped with pre-hung conduits and simplified pump/motor modules to make it easy to add capacity with more modules in the future, and bolt-in sensor options to improve HPU health and performance monitoring and further extend equipment life.

Learn more today about how new-generation MTS SilentFlo HPUs can benefit your test lab.


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