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Minimize Road Simulator Downtime with MTS Routine Maintenance

As one of the most significant investments in any lab, the MTS Model 329 6DOF Road Simulator needs to operate properly for every test. MTS Routine Maintenance (RM) not only minimizes the risk of unexpected downtime and delay, it optimizes system performance and service life.

The new MTS Routine Maintenance packages for 6DOF road simulators contain defined service intervals that match the maintenance guidelines that are prescribed by the product engineers and are based on hours of equipment use. At the end of each RM visit, MTS provides a report of services performed, current operating conditions and any recommendations for future service, equipment or software, if necessary. Then you and MTS can keep those service records, so you can observe equipment condition over time and know exactly what has been done to help ensure proper operation.

With maintenance conducted by professionals specifically trained to service MTS Model 329 6DOF road simulators, you can be confident that services are performed correctly and consistently. MTS not only has the expertise and special tools to deliver proper maintenance — we understand exactly how to optimize the performance of this complex system. And when MTS takes care of the maintenance, you can devote your time and staff resources to testing instead of maintaining the equipment.

We also offer maintenance packages for popular Series 329 system options, including the XY positioner, static support, longitudinal restraint and brake intensifier options. For a more comprehensive approach, we can recommend RM packages for the hydraulic power unit and controller.

Learn more today about how MTS Routine Maintenance can help you minimize cost of ownership for the MTS Model 329 6DOF road simulator.


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