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Vehicle Bus Integration functional diagram
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Vehicle Bus Integration Solutions

Sophisticated on-board controls for steering, suspension and other subsystems are now broadly deployed to enhance vehicle handling, comfort and safety. They are also presenting new challenges for durability testing.

Without accurate simulations of bus system environments, components, subsystems and full vehicles may not respond the same way on a physical test rig as they would on the road, creating the risk for inaccurate simulations and unreliable test data.

MTS has developed two solutions for integrating bus systems into physical test rig simulations, enabling test engineers to manage these complex signal environments, thereby allowing test articles to perform realistically when subjected to the forces and motions of laboratory durability simulation.

The MTS Vehicle Bus Integration Solutions offering includes:

  • An Integrated CANbus 793.25 interface for component durability tests and simulations. A two-channel CANbus PMC Module (expandable to four channels) is added to the MTS FlexTest® controller, with each channel capable of supporting frame rates up to 1 mbit per second. The solution includes a hardware board and controller setup software.
  • Integrated HIL Simulator solution for subsystem and full-vehicle durability simulations. A high-speed digital interface connects a stand-alone Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulator to a FlexTest controller, providing an ideal vehicle bus integration solution for more complex simulations. This solution includes a high-speed link, support software and HIL simulator.

MTS Vehicle Bus Integration Solutions are critical for achieving high fidelity durability testing and simulation of components, subsystems and full vehicles that incorporate advanced mechatronic systems. Learn more today.


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