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Innovative Steering Test Hardware

MTS has developed a new steering head module that makes accurate low torque steering effort measurement a reality.

Traditional hydraulic power steering tests focused primarily on high torque events associated with real-world maneuvers.  In recent years the development of electronic steering systems and the quest to properly evaluate steering effort, or “driver feel” have posed some development challenges. Vehicle manufacturers need a test bed to accurately measure the low torque magnitudes with appropriate steer system inertia and stiffness corresponding to an actual vehicle input — a feat that is problematic with conventional steer test technology.

To solve this problem, MTS has developed a new steering head module that makes accurate low torque measurement a reality. The innovative design is optimized for steering effort testing, integrating the torque sensor, motor and angle monitoring encoder in a single, compact module. It can be set-up to accurately match real vehicle input stiffness and inertia, enabling realistic tests with extremely high-resolution measurement at very low torque magnitudes:
•  113 Nm with resolution of  0.00001347 Nm,  Noise floor of +/- 0.004 Nm
•  226 Nm with resolution of  0.00002694 Nm, Noise floor of +/- 0.008 Nm

Engineered to enhance testing flexibility, the new module’s hand wheel can be engaged at any time, eliminating the need for unwieldy assemblies of off-the-shelf components that must be reconfigured every time the type of steer input changes. Steering inputs can be applied at the rack, I-shaft connection point or steering column input. It also features the capacity and sensitivity for performing traditional durability steer tests.

This new steering head module is available with all new MTS steering test systems, and can be retrofitted onto existing MTS steering systems in the field. Contact MTS today to learn more.


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