Innovative Energy Recovery Technology

Innovative Energy Recovery Technology

Leveraging advances in permanent magnet motor/generators and kinetic energy recovery technology, MTS recently completed initial functional tests of an advanced electric turbo-compounding system. Designed to recover and recycle exhaust gas energy, this technology represents a promising means to achieve significant increases in power and efficiency for internal combustion piston engines.

With electric turbo-compounding, a high-speed motor/generator is added to the turbocharger rotating group. In this way, recovered exhaust energy not used to by the turbine to boost engine compression is converted to electricity, which can be stored in batteries, flywheels, or ultra-capacitors. When needed, this power can be used to meet electrical demands or routed to a second electric motor/generator to increase engine output. Conversely, this second motor/generator can be used to further augment energy efficiency through electro-dynamic braking, also known as a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS).

MTS’ electric turbo-compounding system allows turbo generator speeds well in excess of 100,000 rpm, permitting the full optimization of turbine and compressor designs. Additionally, the system can be mechanically arranged to accommodate a variety of vehicle types, including automobiles, trucks, industrial machinery - even aircraft.

To complement these high-performance systems, MTS has also developed robust electronics and control components. Through racing in demanding Formula 1 environments, these components have proven extremely reliable when subjected to both high temperatures and extreme vibration.

Contact MTS today and learn how advanced electric turbo-compounding could be used to boost the power and efficiency of internal combustion piston engines for a wide variety of vehicles, machinery and aircraft.


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