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The latest design of the MTS K&C platform delivers a range of dynamic testing capabilities to help address a broad spectrum of vehicle development needs.

Enhanced K&C System Offers Dynamic Capabilities

MTS extends the functionality of its K&C platform to give developers greater test flexibility

MTS kinematic and compliance deflection measurement (K&C) systems enable vehicle developers to optimize handling and stability. Now, following a full-system design enhancement, the platform also offers a unique set of optional dynamic testing capabilities developers can use to perform a wider range of tests with a single multipurpose system. New capabilities include:

Time history playout (THP),
which enables developers to replicate road data as well as program, drive and record synthetic inputs.

Chassis torsional rigidity testing, which measures torsional stiffness of a vehicle.

Cornering simulation, which applies roll, braking and downforce movement independently at each wheel so developers can evaluate full-vehicle effects during cornering maneuvers.

Center of gravity and vehicle inertia measurement (VIM), a full-vehicle test that measures center of gravity and vehicle inertia properties with exceptional accuracy.

Dynamic simulation, which enables engineers to study suspension characteristics during transient maneuvers or synthetic dynamic inputs to each corner of a vehicle independently at frequencies up to 20 Hz. This test is ideal for mechanical hardware-in-loop (mHIL) testing, which integrates the MTS K&C and a virtual vehicle model with the objective to drive the vehicle suspension with a modeled vehicle on a modeled track as if it were on a real vehicle and track, measuring the performance of the modeled vehicle with a real suspension.

With the exception of dynamic simulation, most later model MTS K&C systems can be upgraded in the field to incorporate all of these capabilities.

With the availability of this enhanced K&C platform, vehicle developers now have more choices for equipping a given lab: use a traditional K&C system for pure characterization; add select dynamic capabilities to extend its utility; or choose the MTS Dynamic K&C system for comprehensive dynamic simulation.

Contact MTS today and learn how extending quasi-static K&C testing into the dynamic realm can augment your ability to bring prototypes to the test track faster, more efficiently and with less rework.


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