MTS Hydraulix

MTS Hydraulix

Expanded MTS HydraulixSM Program Enables Complete Hydraulic System Monitoring

Over the last several years, the MTS Hydraulix program has earned a strong reputation worldwide for its advanced fluid sampling and monitoring capabilities. Now, this productivity-enhancing program has been augmented with remote, around-the-clock monitoring of overall hydraulic distribution system performance.

Accessible at any time and from anywhere through a secure Internet connection, MTS Hydraulix monitoring combines onsite fluid sampling with advanced sensing technology to provide detailed hydraulic system measurements, trending and other diagnostic information on fluid condition, hydraulic power unit (HPU) health, distribution system health and energy consumption. These new levels of insight will help you maintain your servohydraulic equipment and manage your testing resources with absolute efficiency.

Equally important, the program also includes detailed analyses of your monitored and logged data streams by highly experienced MTS systems engineers who have been extensively trained in fluid analysis and servohydraulic test system maintenance.

MTS Hydraulix monitoring can extend a wealth of valuable benefits to your test program, including:
  • Test schedule predictability. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are reducing the likelihood of unplanned downtime. By monitoring your hydraulic system, you can proactively address problems in their earliest stages, before they cause damage and become expensive.
  • System lifecycle extension. Proper monitoring and care of your test system with MTS Hydraulix monitoring will reduce wear-and-tear and extend overall equipment operating life. You will get the most out of your test system investments by taking smart, proactive care of your hydraulic system.
  • Data integrity. Keeping your hydraulic system healthy and in peak condition creates higher-performing test equipment — and test systems that perform to their specifications produce more accurate and repeatable data.
  • Budget management. By investing in remote monitoring, you minimize the risk of unpleasant budget surprises due to worn or damaged components or systems. Enjoy the consistency and certainty that come from proactively managing your test schedule and budget.
Harness the power of information today

By making MTS Hydraulix monitoring part of your lab management plan, you will have the industry’s most advanced program in place for helping you maximize uptime, extend test equipment longevity, control costs and protect data integrity through better hydraulic health. Find out more about the many potential benefits this program can offer your testing:

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