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New MTS Service Plans Help Maximize Equipment Value

When you invest in high-performance test equipment, it makes good business sense to optimize its performance from the outset and gain the benefits of greater test data integrity throughout its operational life. That is why MTS offers MTS ConcordSM Service Plans.

These plans are designed to help test labs maintain superior test data integrity, extend equipment life and reduce total cost of ownership through the adoption of smart, proactive service strategies that begin the moment the equipment is installed. This planned approach will help you get the best performance from your MTS technology while simultaneously minimizing your operating costs. By letting MTS focus on test equipment optimization, you can spend more time focused on testing.

MTS Concord Service Plans are available in three levels of support to match your equipment usage requirements, each with extended warranty coverage to help ensure that your equipment is available when you need it. You also have flexibility to choose an annual service contract period ranging from one to five years, with the longer contracts providing the most economical options. All services are delivered in a way that minimizes downtime.

MTS Concord plans include everything you need to achieve and maintain optimum test system performance, including:

• Routine maintenance
• Extended warranty coverage
• Operator training and support
• Additional services specific to the equipment, such as calibration or software

The plans allow you to budget for service and greatly reduce the chance of unexpected spending on emergency repairs. Many of the plans include discounts on non-warranty parts and accessories for the covered system, offering another economic advantage.

We currently offer MTS Service Plan coverage for these new-generation components:
• MTS FlexTest® controllers
• MTS SilentFlo® HPUs

In addition, MTS Concord Service Plans are available for the following test systems:
• MTS Criterion™ electromechanical test systems
• MTS Landmark™ load frames
• Bionix® tabletop systems
• MTS Acumen™ load frames

Maximize the value of your equipment investments today

By supporting your MTS test equipment with an MTS Concord Service Plan, you can enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that come from knowing you are taking excellent care of your equipment investment — and helping to ensure a long operating life. All of this adds up to the lowest total cost of ownership.

Learn more now about how these smart, proactive plans can benefit your testing:

>> MTS Concord Service Plans


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