V31 - GRV - Product 1
3-Axis Performance System

V31 - GRV - Product 2
3-Axis Durability System

V31 - GRV - Product 3
5-Axis System

A Complete Family of Steering System Test Solutions

MTS provides a complete family of mechanical test systems specifically designed for characterizing, testing and tuning hydraulic and electric power steering systems for passenger cars and light trucks.
  • 3-Axis Steer Durability Test System — designed to handle the bulk of a lab’s steer system testing, this base-level test system helps determine which system components fail first, as well as where and how they fail. In addition to the steering head, this system offers two lateral inputs (through bell cranks) to simulate steer knuckle geometry for realistic road loads.
  • 3-Axis Steer Performance Test System — featuring a high stiffness, self-reacting design, this system is ideal for gaining the precision measurements required for performance testing. Its two lateral inputs are coupled to tie rods for accurate load and displacement measurement.
  • 5-Axis Steer Test System — engineered for more sophisticated durability benchmarking and characterization, this system enables the most accurate replication of real world steering system service environments. It features two additional vertical inputs that simulate tie rod end motion.
All three MTS steering test systems feature an innovative, highly sensitive low-torque steering head module optimized for measuring steering effort. This module integrates the torque sensor, motor and steering wheel angle feedback in a single, compact footprint. The steer head accurately replicates vehicle input stiffness and inertia, and features a six-axis positioner that enables test engineers to match vehicle geometries exactly.

Each MTS steering test system features a flexible programming environment capable of function generation; time history playback via RPC (road load data); block cycle loading for creating synthetic events; and accepting external commands from computer models, vibration controllers, or any signal generation device.

Steering test system options include environmental chambers and vehicle bus integration solutions. Additionally, all three systems can be readily combined with mechanical hardware-in-the loop (mHIL) technology, MTS’ proven hybrid simulation solution for ground vehicle testing.

Contact us today to learn how the MTS family of steering test solutions can help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your vehicle development program.


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