MTS Echo Software
         MTS Echo system view on a laptop.

MTS Echo Software
   Native smartphone app on Android and iOS.

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Enhance Productivity, Uptime and Staff Communication with
MTS Echo™ Software

If your test lab is like most, your busy schedule with increasingly complex tests and aggressive turnaround times leaves little room for inefficiency. What if there was an easy way to streamline efficiency by knowing the exact status of all your tests at all times, regardless of your location? What if you could automatically keep personnel, customers and others apprised of a test’s progress? And what if you were alerted the instant a test reaches a defined status, so that you can keep productivity at its peak?

MTS Echo™ Software does all of this and more for your test program. This breakthrough, Web-based software platform lets you extend all of the remote connectivity advantages of mobile devices to your test program. Through the user-friendly MTS Echo software interface, all lab personnel can securely view real-time messages of test system status at any time and from any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Imagine the possibilities. With MTS Echo software, you and your staff will be notified when your test equipment reaches a defined status, and you will have up-to-the minute status information to share with stakeholders at all times. You’ll know more and make more of your existing time and resources, enhancing productivity, uptime and communication.

Broad compatibility
MTS Echo software supports MTS test equipment using controllers running Series 793 software version 5.3 or higher, including the MTS Landmark™ and MTS Criterion™ test system families. It also features compatibility with flagship MTS TestSuite™ Software, allowing test designers to drag and drop MTS Echo remote monitoring functionality into their test flows.

Easy to implement and use
Web-based MTS Echo software requires no special hardware or work from your IT department, so all you need is high-speed Internet to extend remote monitoring to an unlimited number of users. We offer user-friendly apps for Android™ and Apple® iOS® smartphones, and you can choose to send
status alerts via these apps or email, Twitter and/or SMS text messaging. Easy-to-use widgets also let you configure MTS Echo software to meet your specific needs.

Highly secure
MTS Echo software is hosted by an industry-leading, high-security third-party facility for reliable and confidential remote monitoring. Test status transmissions are protected by state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption with HTTPS and proxy server compatibility, and you have flexibility to configure different security levels and user permissions. MTS Echo software further reduces your security risk by supporting outbound communication only, as well as by transmitting only test status information and no test data.

Complete remote monitoring
MTS Echo software can provide an informative “bird’s-eye” view of the status of all your test equipment across your lab floor at a glance, or you can drill down to greater detail on any individual test station. Either way, you have access to the same status information that formerly required your staff to be on site at your test facility.

MTS Echo software is one of those tools that every test lab simply must have. Learn more today about how easily and cost-effectively you can add web-based remote monitoring to your operations.



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