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Axle Housing TestStand

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Suspension Control Arm TestStand

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Steering Rack Durability TestStand

The MTS TestStand Approach to Component Testing

MTS Application Engineering Manager Roger Sparrow has more than 20 years of experience in servohydraulic mechanical test consultation for the global automotive industry. Mr. Sparrow recently discussed how the flexible MTS TestStand approach can help OEMs, suppliers and contract test labs adapt to evolving vehicle subsystem and component testing requirements with speed, efficiency and confidence.

Q: What are some key testing challenges facing automotive component and subsystem developers?

Sparrow:  We see a number of global trends affecting the testing and validation of subsystems and components. The most significant is the rising complexity of components and subsystems and how they interact with each other to make vehicles safer and more environmentally friendly. This complexity is driving changes in test requirements, and consequently, the evolution of test methodologies and capabilities.

Another ongoing trend is intensified competition among component suppliers. OEMs can now be more selective, which means the quality and performance of components are under greater scrutiny. In many cases, OEMs may make suppliers responsible for warranty claims that can be traced back to their products. This has had the effect of pushing product testing down the supply chain. To even be considered by most OEMs, suppliers must be able to model their component designs and validate the quality and performance of prototypes. It is fast becoming a requirement to generate accurate test data that can be shared with prospective customers.

Q:  How is MTS helping OEMs and suppliers respond to these challenges?

Sparrow:  MTS offers test and development engineers a suite of services designed to help them configure a test solution for their specific needs, without doing everything themselves or paying for a custom test bench. It’s called the MTS TestStand approach, and it offers the cost advantages of an in-house system, but with faster deployment and less risk.

Essentially, the MTS TestStand approach is a collaborative effort between the test lab and MTS. We work together to define specific test objectives, and then determine how best to achieve them within the available budget and timeframe. We bring a great deal of ground vehicle component testing expertise to the table, as well as our high-quality TestLine products. To keep costs in check, we work closely with customers to determine which elements of the test system they can machine in-house or manufacture locally, with our guidance.

Q. What are TestLine products?

TestLine is a configurable set of MTS test products that test labs can combine to fabricate test systems in-house, with or without the TestStand approach. These are the same hardware and software products used in the most advanced MTS custom test solutions, so they are engineered to the highest quality standards. We ship each TestLine component with a published specification that it is guaranteed to meet or exceed.

Q: What do test engineers gain from the MTS TestStand approach that they can’t get from local providers, who may offer solutions for less?

Sparrow:  Saving money is important, but it’s not the only goal. As a leading supplier of test solutions to the global automotive industry, MTS has more than four decades of industry experience. No matter what the test challenge is, we’ve likely encountered a similar application before. This means that our MTS TestStand customers can be confident that their solution will perform precisely as intended, with the highest degrees of accuracy and repeatability; local providers typically cannot match this level of performance.

Q: Where is the MTS TestStand approach available? 

Sparrow:  MTS maintains TestStand centers throughout Asia, Europe and North America, so we can engage test labs directly - in the local language when possible - to configure solutions specific to their particular test, budget and schedule requirements.  

Q. How will component test and development teams benefit from the MTS TestStand approach?

Sparrow:  Test and development engineers who opt for the MTS TestStand approach can expect to work closely with local MTS staff to quickly formulate solutions to their evolving component test needs, leveraging an appropriate mix of high quality of MTS testing technology and cost-effective local manufacturing. The end result is a high-quality test system delivered in the most cost-efficient, timely and low-risk manner possible, which can be deployed to meet today’s test requirements and serve as a highly configurable platform for addressing future needs.

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