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The MTS Pathway Plan will help you every step of the way as you implement our HSRC technique.

V33 - GRV - Middle 2
This HSRC application combines a full vehicle under physical test with a set of virtual tires, all of which is “driven” over a digital, three-dimensional test track.

Driving Toward Advanced Hybrid Simulation with the MTS Pathway℠ Plan

MTS is a pioneer in the development of hybrid simulation test techniques for ground vehicles. Hybrid Simulation Response Convergence (HSRC) offers the benefits of developing physical tests earlier, more accurately and at less cost than with conventional test methods. With this proven test methodology, testing can be accelerated and performed very efficiently, but implementing the technique is not easy. HSRC is a complex methodology that not only must be fully integrated into the test environment, but also requires education on the methods used. To help labs adopt HSRC more quickly and confidently, we have developed the MTS Pathway Plan.

MTS Pathway ensures that your entire lab team has the training, equipment and support to implement HSRC successfully and fully leverage the technique. It consists of four stages, three of which involve close collaboration with experienced MTS field engineers. The four stages are:

  1. Qualification: MTS validates that your lab has the tools to employ advanced simulation techniques like HSRC. MTS completes this assessment off-site and provides a full report, including details of test system and controller changes required as well as any limitations based on virtual elements required to conduct a successful HSRC exercise. Depending on the capabilities of your lab and your needs, you may be able to skip this stage.
  2. Evaluation: MTS demonstrates HSRC onsite, working with your team to prove the technique delivers the results you expect, in your lab with your test equipment. Temporary HSRC and RPC-Pro® Software module licenses are included. You will receive MTS Engineering support to generate RPC drive files using the Hybrid System Response Convergence (HSRC) method and to generate a report detailing the convergence with the HSRC method. Depending on the capabilities of your lab and your needs, you may be able to skip this stage.
  3. Project: MTS collaborates with you to implement HSRC for an active project in your test program. One full week of training is provided to help integrate HSRC into your development process. You will see with your own data how HSRC can reduce the need to acquire road load data at the proving ground, increasing the efficiency of multi-variant testing and improving speed to market.
  4. Subscription: Now you are ready to roll. This phase allows you to extend the use of HSRC for one year or other selected period of time through a subscription model. With the MTS Pathway Plan, you can find out very easily—and with very little risk—how HSRC can improve a specific test application. You will learn the techniques and implement HSRC with confidence and start realizing its benefits sooner.

Contact MTS today to learn how the MTS Pathway Plan can help you implement HSRC successfully in your test programs.

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