V34 - GRV - Product 1
EtherCAT support enables streamlined digital links to third party devices, such as the dSPACE HIL simulation system shown on the far left, above.

     V34 - GRV - Product 2
Signals from EtherCAT-linked devices can be viewed and modified like any other signal in the Series 793 Station Manager application.

FlexTest® Controller Software Now Offers EtherCAT Support

Recently introduced version 5.7A of MTS Series 793 software for later generation* FlexTest digital controllers now features support for EtherCAT® – a more cost-effective, Ethernet-based digital link to third party sources of data.
Prior to version 5.7A, FlexTest controllers relied upon an analog interface to exchange data with data acquisition (DAC) or hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) devices from manufacturers like dSPACE, imc DataWorks or National Instruments. EtherCAT support now enables FlexTest users to establish digital communications with such devices. In addition to affordability, the advantages of this include a simpler cabling scheme that is more immune to noise, and elimination of the need for multiple converters, which can cause data lags and resolution loss.

Version 5.7A includes an EtherCAT Master designed to facilitate more streamlined test system configuration. It features an .xml file editor for defining test system networks, as well as an optional external clock for establishing synchronized links with third party devices.

In addition to EtherCAT, version 5.7A also includes enhanced support for both CANBus and Modbus TCP communications protocols.

Contact MTS today to learn how the latest in software innovation for FlexTest controllers can help improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your mechanical test systems.

*  EtherCAT support is available directly for FlexTest 40, 60, 100 and 200
   controllers; consult your MTS Field service engineer regarding EtherCAT
   support for legacy FlexTest GT and SE controllers. EtherCAT support is
   not available for legacy FlexTest IIm controllers.


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