V35 - ALL - Product 1
MTS Engineering Services offers a range of collaboration models to fit virtually any need.

V35 - ALL - Product 1
MTS Engineering Consultants can help with all phases of testing, including test result analysis.

Optimize Efficiency with Consulting Services

Test labs around the world face a constant challenge: enhance efficiency while delivering a wider range of tests. To meet these objectives, many labs need targeted assistance from trusted partners. This is why MTS is refining our portfolio of consulting services in a strategic effort to help customers optimize test setups, reduce test time, drive innovation and meet productivity targets.

Every lab has different goals and needs, in addition to industry-specific expectations and regional requirements. MTS is uniquely positioned to provide consulting services that encompass all of these factors as well as deliver the wide-ranging expertise required to assist with every part of the testing spectrum — from the original engineering challenge to analyzing the results. We deliver these consulting services around the world, through local teams of engineers with expert knowledge in multiple industries.

The advantages of augmenting your test lab with MTS consulting expertise is significant, and can make the difference for meeting your strategic objectives. These benefits include:

Global conformity. For large organizations with test labs located in two or more regions, it is imperative that results can be trusted no matter which lab produces them. Local MTS consultants can work with labs worldwide to ensure consistency and adherence to standards from lab to lab.

Knowledge transfer. MTS is deeply involved in many different industries, including ground vehicles, aerospace, energy, civil engineering and materials. This allows us to share insights and best practices across markets and bring a fresh perspective to familiar challenges. In many instances, this specialized knowledge transfer helps accelerate the problem-solving process.

Virtual test expertise. Product development and testing schedules are getting shorter while test requirements are becoming more complex. To deal with this, many labs are exploring the potential of virtual testing and hybrid simulation alongside traditional mechanical testing. MTS excels in all of these areas, having pioneered virtual test techniques such as Hybrid System Response Convergence (HSRC) and Mechanical Hardware-in-Loop (mHIL™) that are gaining broader market acceptance.

Higher productivity. High rates of turnover in existing labs, coupled with the proliferation of new labs, means organizations need to train new test engineers, technicians and operators very quickly. No matter where your lab is located, MTS consultants can develop a customized on-site training plan, so your team can achieve maximum productivity on a faster timetable.

Flexible collaboration. Not every lab needs the same kind of help, so MTS consultants have developed different models for working with our customers. For short-term needs, MTS can manage a specific test, provide special support for method development or test start-up, or perform project work for virtual simulation and modeling. For long-term needs, we can establish an outsourcing partnership or serve as a joint research collaborator. Our consultants are experienced in tailoring solutions to fit your lab’s specific requirements and capabilities.

Contact MTS today to learn more about how we can structure a consulting service model that helps your lab improve efficiency and drive innovation.



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