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High strain rate tests are used to determine the crash-worthiness of vehicles, safety of sports equipment and reliability of aerospace components.

Test Systems for High Strain Rate Applications

High-rate dynamic tests are used to simulate automotive accidents, airplane crashes, munitions explosions and other high-impact events. In these and other critical applications, test engineers need equipment that can perform a variety of tests at the correct strain rate. These systems need to capture high-quality data throughout the test, with streamlined setup and enhanced control of the test. To meet all of these challenges, MTS delivers a family of high-rate testing solutions that include the following features and components:

Heavy-duty load frames
Rigid load reaction frames minimize signal distortion caused by unwanted vibrations, which are common in high-velocity testing applications.

High-rate actuators
The system actuators feature relatively low mass while retaining sufficient stiffness for high-rate compression tests.

Load measurement The piezoelectric load measurement transducers used in MTS high-rate systems are stiffer and have less mass than conventional strain gage-based load cells, which are too elastic for high rate testing.

Displacement measurement Actuator displacement is measured with a magnetostrictive device that provides exceptional accuracy.

Data acquisition Data acquisition boards feature eight channels of differential signal acquisition. One channel is dedicated to transducer data, one to actuator displacement and six to other sources as test needs dictate.

Load oscillation mitigation MTS high-rate test systems mitigate load oscillation by minimizing the moving mass and by damping critical areas.

MTS can also assist with system configuration. To create a system that accurately simulates dynamic impact events, we consider the requirements for kinetic energy, strain rate and force at velocity. Then we use a complex modeling process that balances all these considerations to design a high-rate system that can properly characterize the dynamic response. MTS has developed special software programs to configure the optimum solution for the required system performance, and can help you meet your specific testing needs.

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