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MTS Rolling Road Systems employ Flat-Trac steel belt technology, proprietary air bearings and sophisticated hexapod model motion systems to optimize the accuracy of F1 aerodynamic testing

Optimizing Wind Tunnel Testing Accuracy

For more than two decades, MTS has collaborated with the Formula 1 racing community to improve the results of wind tunnel testing. Specifically, moving ground plane - or rolling road - systems from MTS help F1 test teams overcome three major challenges while performing aerodynamic testing and validating complex CFD models.

The first challenge is measurement fidelity. Proven Flat-Trac® steel belt technology and high stiffness force measurement sensors enable F1 test teams to perform through-the-belt measurement of vertical tire contact patch forces, which are combined to provide vehicle pitch, roll, and lift forces.

The second challenge is flow simulation accuracy. Proprietary vacuum preloaded air bearings keep MTS steel belts flat at any speed, enabling continuous tests at belt speeds up to 80 m/sec. The belt surface also provides accurate full ground plane simulation, so flow conditions around tires, wheel housings and under-body diffusers are simulated correctly in ground plane boundary conditions.

Model motion is a third challenge. To replicate the movement of full-sized vehicles accurately, MTS developed an overhead hexapod motion device that positions the model in the flow stream above the rolling road, along with a 6DOF balance inside the model to measure forces and moments.

To learn more about how MTS is working with F1 teams to shape the future of wind tunnel testing, contact your MTS representative.

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