Industry Solutions

Working with our customers, MTS addresses sustainability across multiple industries. Here are some of our technologies and innovations that are creating a better, safer, more sustainable world.

Automotive & Mass Transit

• Systems and technologies to accelerate electric vehicle development

• Technology to recapture braking energy and using it to boost acceleration

• Test systems to help manufacturers meet fuel-efficiency targets


• High-temperature testing solutions for jet engine fuel-efficiency

• Structural testing solutions to help design lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft

• Flight simulators to train pilots for safer air travel

Wind Power

• Solutions to increase wind turbine reliability and reduce downtime

• Static and fatigue testing solutions for wind turbines and components

Solar Power

• Testing solutions for improving performance and durability of solar panels, arrays, photovoltaic cells and materials

• Environmental simulation solutions to assess solar panel tolerance to wind, snow, hail and moisture

• Testing and simulation solutions to make sure panels can withstand rigors of manufacturing, transportation, installation and use


• Realistic simulation of underwater force and operating conditions

• Testing solutions for large-scale rotor sections of axial turbines, crossflow turbine components and oscillating devices

• Simulation solutions to protect submerged turbines from powerful natural currents and constant exposure to corrosive seawater

Civil Engineering

• Seismic simulators to help engineers design and protect buildings and bridges

• Simulators that provide data to protect and retrofit existing structures from natural disaster damage

• Simulators that help engineers recommend better building codes for stronger structures


• Testing solutions for orthopedic implants and medical devices to help ensure safe performance

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