The complete family of MTS actuators ranges from Series 244 actuators for precise control of high-frequency motions and forces, to the economical Series 201 actuator for static or low-frequency testing, to heavy-duty rotary actuators that deliver reliable torque generation. These actuators feature fatigue-rated designs to exceed rated loads for millions of cycles. You can expect highly reliable performance over a long functional life, helping to maximize your uptime and minimize total cost of ownership.

MTS actuators are also engineered for precision. They deliver exceptional fidelity over the full range of motion, along with a superior reaction and counteraction to multiaxial forces. Proprietary materials and processes minimize friction for excellent reliability, wear-resistance and energy-efficiency.

Series 201 Hydraulic Actuators

Series 215 Rotary Actuators

Series 244 Hydraulic Actuators

Series 248 Hydraulic Actuators

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