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Flat-Trac Ride Comfort Roadway

The first laboratory -based system capable of ride comfort evaluation within typical real-world vehicle driving operating ranges, the MTS Flat-Trac Ride Comfort Roadway (CRW) is a valuable tool for exploring the effect ADAS and AV technologies on vehicle drivability and the overall occupant experience.

Developed for studying phenomena that affect occupant comfort, CRW systems apply precise longitudinal accelerations along with vertical excitations into vehicles at each spinning tire patch, and subsequently through the tire, wheel, spindle, suspension, and powertrain. This enables the study of suspension to body vibration transmissibility; and how it affects cabin acoustics and vibrations, steering wheel feel, seat feel, floor pan noise, etc. The dynamic version of this system, the MTS Dynamic Comfort Roadway (DCRW), can replicate highly dynamic and unique road or synthetic vibration inputs with high precision and repeatability.

Using hybrid simulation techniques, CRW systems can be deployed to great advantage earlier in design to help AV & EV developers adapt better to intensifying go-to-market pressures.

»  Using mHIL, active suspension hardware mounted in an axle carrier fixture (ACF) and running on a single-axle CRW could be integrated into a modeled vehicle and driving environment to simulate real driving and enable early acquisition of objective and subjective suspension performance data.

»  Modeled characteristics of an active suspension concept could be introduced into CRW control inputs and then played out on an existing vehicle, enabling subjective evaluation of the conceptual suspension’s feel and behavior well before it ever reaches a pre-production prototype.

»  An CRW driving a full vehicle or axle subassembly can be integrated with an MTS Vehicle Dynamics Simulator (VDS) to immerse human drivers and occupants into a low latency simulation loop, enabling early acquisition of high-fidelity subjective and objective performance data.

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