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Kinematics & Compliance (K&C) System

MTS Kinematic & Compliance (K&C) systems are engineered for quickly and efficiently gaining precise measurements of key suspension parameters. These systems are available in three configurations to match your specific measurement requirements

»  K&C Base System — used for static K&C tests and static model validation, performing tests up to 5 Hz with 37 mm/sec vertical, 86 mm/sec lateral and longitudinal, 5 deg/sec roll, and 69 deg/sec steer velocities.

»  K&C with High-Speed Option — offers the same functionality as the base system with higher velocities, including 180 mm/sec vertical velocity, 215 mm/sec lateral and longitudinal velocity, and 10 deg/sec roll velocity for static, high speed, and center of gravity and vehicle inertia measurement (VIM) test applications.

»  K&C with Dynamic Simulation Option— offers the same velocities as the high-speed system at frequencies up to 10 Hz, enabling it to perform static tests, dynamic deflections, center of gravity and VIM, plus lower frequency dynamic model verification and maneuver replication, decomposition and simulation.

Using hybrid simulation techniques, K&C Systems can be integrated with modeled vehicles and driving environments and /or an MTS Vehicle Dynamics Simulator (VDS) to enable the acquisition of high-fidelity subjective and objective performance data far earlier in vehicle development.

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